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Design layouts with Drag ‘n Drop

Layouts, the Drag and Drop component in Toolset, lets you design pages and templates visually. Instead of overwhelming you with a huge library of cells, Layouts comes with basic cells, which let you accomplish anything.


Build your own content blocks

Views is a content query and display engine, which lets you build virtually anything. Tell Views what content you want to display, how to display it and where and Views puts everything together for you. Views lets you create content lists, sliders, paginated displays, tables, grids and more…

Enable user-generated content

CRED lets you build forms that edit any WordPress content.

With CRED, you can create classifieds, listing, membership and any other sites that require front-end content creation and editing.

Setup custom content types

Types defines custom content in WordPress. Easily create custom post types, fields and taxonomy and connect everything together.


Choose who can do what

Access lets you select what different users can do on the site. Using Access, you can easily create membership, community and listing sites.

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