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Toolset Plugins Let You Develop WordPress Sites Without PHP

Toolset plugins make website development faster and give you the power to create sites exactly like you want. Web developers get more work done with Toolset.

Toolset plugins let you define custom data and design front-end templates without writing any code. You can create fully-functional website prototypes in hours. Then, polish them with CSS and deliver to your clients.

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Works on WordPress 3.4-4.0 and any theme

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Toolset highlights

  • Works with any theme

    No matter what themes you are using, you can build unique functionality with Toolset plugins.

  • Code-free development

    You don’t need to write complex PHP to achieve great results. Toolset plugins let you build entire sites from the WordPress admin.

  • Start fast, go far

    You can customize appearance and build your own modules in minutes. Then, discover advanced functionality that takes your site-building to the next level.

Latest News

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Types 1.6.3, Views 1.6.4, CRED 1.3.2 and Access 1.2.3
September 18, 2014 – 1 Comment

We are happy to announce a maintenance release for Toolset plugins. This update improves stability and compatibility with WordPress and other plugins. …

Updating form styling for CRED 1.3
September 9, 2014 – 3 Comments

CRED 1.3 uses a new library for rendering forms. The HTML form output is different from previous CRED versions. In this post, we explain these differe …

Sites You Can Build

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See What’s Waiting for You in The Toolset

  • Define custom types and fields
    Types extends the power of WordPress and lets you define your own content types. You’ll create custom post types, taxonomy and wide selection of powerful custom fields.

    Types Home

  • Display content your way
    Views is your display engine. You’ll be able to customize the appearance of single pages, load content lists, create your own widgets and build entire sites from the WordPress admin.

    Views Home

  • Make websites interactive
    CRED lets you build forms for creating and editing content from front-pages. Combined with Access control, CRED lets you build exciting web apps on WordPress.

    CRED Home

  • Control access to content
    Types Access let’s you define new roles and control who can do what. With Types Access you can protect certain content, and allow users to access their own content only.

    Access Home