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Define custom types and fields

Types extends the power of WordPress and lets you define your own content types. You’ll create custom post types, taxonomy and wide selection of powerful custom fields.

  • Define custom types
  • Set up custom fields
  • Build relational hierarchies

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Display content your way

Views is your display engine. You’ll be able to customize the appearance of single pages, load content lists, create your own widgets and build entire sites from the WordPress admin.

  • Design templates from the WordPress admin
  • Query, filter and load any content type
  • Display lists, grids, sliders and more
  • Display standard and custom content

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Make websites interactive

CRED lets you build forms for creating and editing content from front-pages. Combined with Access control, CRED lets you build exciting web apps on WordPress.

  • Build forms for creating and editing content
  • Edit standard fields, custom fields, taxonomy
  • Create flexible forms with dynamic fields
  • Develop complete web-apps using CRED API

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Control access to content

Types Access let’s you define new roles and control who can do what. With Types Access you can protect certain content, and allow users to access their own content only.

  • Control who can access content
  • Create custom roles and assign privileges

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