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CRED 1.3.3 With Stability and Security Improvements

We just released a new bug fix version of CRED (1.3.3). It addresses an important security issue which allowed adding scripts and HTML tags to the content created by CRED forms. To address this issue in the best possible way, we are now filtering out the script tags and we also added a new Content Filter section to the CRED [...]

Types 1.6.3, Views 1.6.4, CRED 1.3.2 and Access 1.2.3

We are happy to announce a maintenance release for Toolset plugins. This update improves stability and compatibility with WordPress and other plugins. Types 1.6.3 Added a link to a short survey for feedback on how you use Types plugin. Fixed a problem where the custom field group’s description was missing from the post/page editing page. [...]

Updating form styling for CRED 1.3

CRED 1.3 uses a new library for rendering forms. The HTML form output is different from previous CRED versions. In this post, we explain these differences and show you how to update your CRED forms to look beautiful . Form styling options are gone The first noticeable change in CRED 1.3 is on the form-editing [...]

Toolset Plugins are Ready for WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 ships today and all Toolset plugins are ready for this release. This release cycle for WordPress has been a pleasure. WordPress team provided beta version and release candidates ahead of time and clearly documented what’s changed in this release. We were able to update all Toolset plugins ahead of time. Before you upgrade [...]

Bug fixes for Types, CRED and Views

The major update for all Toolset plugins last week went pretty well. Unfortunately there were problems on some systems running particular versions of PHP. What has been fixed: On PHP 5.2, with strict error mode enabled, there was a fatal error when updating Types and CRED. parse error when using the wysiwyg field on some [...]

Toolset Update: Types 1.6, Views 1.6.2, CRED 1.3, Layouts 0.9.2, Access 1.2.2

After a pretty long and intensive development cycle, we are ready with a major update for all Toolset plugins. This update includes new features, better usability and, of course, more stability. We already wrote a bit about this coming update. Here is the full list of changes to all Toolset components. Layouts 0.9.2 The highlight [...]

Beta Update for Toolset Plugins – Features, Usability and Stability

We are very happy to release beta versions of all Toolset plugins, in preparation for a major update very soon. In this update, all Toolset plugins are improved with new features, better usability, more integration and stability. CRED 1.3 Like we wrote before, CRED got basically rewritten. It’s not that the old CRED was broken, [...]

Toolset Classifieds Users Manual released

We’ve just released first beta version of Toolset Classifieds Users Manual. If you build your listings sites with Toolset, now you have all essential information in one pdf file, nicely structured. Toolset Classifieds Users Manual (pdf) This Toolset Classifieds documentation covers the most common TC issues and as well the tricky ones you’ve been raising [...]

Learn how to build flexible parametric searches with Toolset Real Estate

One of the most powerful features in Views is its parametric search. Now, you can experiment with it and learn by following our real estate reference design. Bootstrap Real-estate is a complete reference site for building flexible, responsive, multilingual-ready WordPress sites. Flexible construction – because it’s all built using Toolset plugins, you can customize everything [...]