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Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Sorry, but we’re not playing

We’ve had some back and forth about discounts for this upcoming weekend. This episode makes me feel bad and I’d like to put things straight. Initially, we thought that it would be cool to offer a one-time discount, like everyone else, over this weekend. You know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Without giving much thought to it, this appeared like […]

How to use Types and Views parent-child relationship feature to build a multi-level slider: Case study of a government site.

User experience is a very important factor in the development of a website. A clean user experience ensures visitors easy access to the contents of your site and also simplifies content management. Today, Zach Swinehart discusses Types and Views plugins and their parent-child relationship feature. Zach shares with you how he uses these plugins to […]

New CRED, New Types, Farewell Installer

We’ve just released an update to Types 1.6.4 and CRED 1.3.4. This update includes mostly stability improvements, but also one big change – a new way to install and update Toolset plugins. Improvements in CRED 1.3.4 This update of CRED is a result of a lot of feedback that we received. Many people are using […]

Pros and Cons of Developing WordPress Sliders with Views

Developing your own sliders with Views is a little like hunting mosquitoes with a tank. But, if you’re already driving a tank, does it make sense to step out every time you need to squash a mosquito? There are so many great WordPress slider plugins, which makes you wonder what’s the sense of implementing it […]

CRED 1.3.3 With Stability and Security Improvements

We just released a new bug fix version of CRED (1.3.3). It addresses an important security issue which allowed adding scripts and HTML tags to the content created by CRED forms. To address this issue in the best possible way, we are now filtering out the script tags and we also added a new Content […]

Types 1.6.3, Views 1.6.4, CRED 1.3.2 and Access 1.2.3

We are happy to announce a maintenance release for Toolset plugins. This update improves stability and compatibility with WordPress and other plugins. Types 1.6.3 Added a link to a short survey for feedback on how you use Types plugin. Fixed a problem where the custom field group’s description was missing from the post/page editing page. […]

Updating form styling for CRED 1.3

CRED 1.3 uses a new library for rendering forms. The HTML form output is different from previous CRED versions. In this post, we explain these differences and show you how to update your CRED forms to look beautiful . Form styling options are gone The first noticeable change in CRED 1.3 is on the form-editing […]

Toolset Plugins are Ready for WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 ships today and all Toolset plugins are ready for this release. This release cycle for WordPress has been a pleasure. WordPress team provided beta version and release candidates ahead of time and clearly documented what’s changed in this release. We were able to update all Toolset plugins ahead of time. Before you upgrade […]