How to build a Classifieds Site with WordPress – workshops we run for WordPress fans

Many WordPress users find building their own WordPress Classifieds sites to be challenging. Last Saturday at WordCamp Prague, we tried to convince WordPress fans that this task can be accomplished without pain. Amir Helzer started with a presentation entitled “Techniques for Developing Directory and Marketplace Sites with WordPress.” Next, Amir and Dario Jazbec Hrvatin ran […]

First Commercial Release of Layouts and Updates for All Toolset Plugins

After a long development cycle, we are ready with major updates for all Toolset plugins. This release focuses on usability and stability. Layouts 1.0 Layouts is now a commercial product, by its own right. It’s fully integrated with all Toolset plugins, as well as with WPML and it even got its own price (see new […]

We are updating documentation for Views 1.7 and Layouts 1.0

A major update for Types, Views and Layouts is coming next week, which also includes many changes to documentation. We are starting to update the live content right now, so that all documentation will be ready for the release. This means that during the next few days, documentation for Views and Layouts will be a […]

How to use Toolset and Easy Digital Download plugin to build an e-commerce site

Great e-commerce plugins make it possible to build all sorts of online shops using WordPress. Business owners are increasingly exploiting this opportunity to sell their products through a Website. Integrating your site with existing e-commerce plugins can be easier than you think. Views lets you integrate the elements of any plugin, which are displayed using […]

After 3 Years, Toolset Project Became Profitable

Today is the first day of 2015 and it’s a nice time to look back, see what we did in 2014 and plan for 2015. 2014 has been a great year for Toolset project, resulting in becoming profitable. How did this happen and what can we learn? Read on. The Numbers Right now, Toolset project […]

Layouts 1.0 and Views 1.7 Betas Ready

We are very happy to announce first betas for Layouts 1.0 and Views 1.7. After months of development, this update brings Layouts project to its first production-ready status. Complete Integration Between Layouts, Views and CRED This release of Toolset plugins beings complete integration between Layouts, Views and CRED. Now, you can create Views and CRED […]

Migration Guide from Drupal to WordPress

We just published a guide for migrating from Drupal to WordPress using Toolset plugins. Many Drupal developers are frustrated by the complexity of Drupal and attract to the simplicity and aesthetics of WordPress. However, giving up their favorite Drupal modules is not easy. The guide explains how Drupal Views, fields, access control and forms map […]