Toolset Classifieds Users Manual released

We’ve just released first beta version of Toolset Classifieds Users Manual. If you build your listings sites with Toolset, now you have all essential information in one pdf file, nicely structured. Toolset Classifieds Users Manual (pdf) This Toolset Classifieds documentation covers the most common TC issues and as well the tricky ones you’ve been raising […]

How can we simplify Types plugin for you?

We’re really happy with the features that Types has and we’re looking at add more. But today, I’d like to take a step back and see how we can simplify Types GUI, to make it easier for you to use. The huge image, here on the right, includes what you will find in Types custom […]

CRED 1.3 and Types 1.6 First Betas

We’ve just released first beta versions of CRED 1.3 and Types 1.6, with a completely rebuilt rendering for forms. This release makes it easy to use CRED forms on any site and apply your beautiful designs. We hoped very much to release this beta yesterday, but it took a little longer. Except for one known […]

CRED 1.3 Preview

I know that a lot of people have been waiting for a long time for a major CRED update. It’s almost ready and I’d like to show you what’s coming. The big change in CRED 1.3 is the fields library. In fact, CRED 1.3 is practically a rewrite of 80% of CRED’s code, replacing the […]

Views 1.6.1 Improves the Parametric Search

We’re ready with a first beta of Views 1.6.1. This beta includes major improvements to the parametric search functionality. AJAX Updates for Search Results You probably want to make searching as easy and fast as possible on your sites. Views 1.6.1 allows to update the results immediately, as filter inputs update. Dependent Values for Parametric […]

Layouts 0.9.1 integrated with Views

We’ve just released Layouts 0.9.1, which features integration with Views and with Content Templates. With this step, Layouts is one big step closer to a first commercial release. Displaying content lists with the Views Content Grid cell A new Views Content Grid cell makes it easy to display dynamic data, using Views, inside your layouts. […]