Views 1.8.1 – Bug Fixes and Improvements

Views 1.8.1 is a bugfix release. We will walk over the most relevant bugs that have been fixed in this small dev cycle. Fixed an inconsistency on query filters getting values from shortcode attributes – empty values should apply no filter Several query filters have an option to use a shortcode attribute to get the value to filter by. For […]

Want to Build Toolset-Based Themes?

THE major new feature in Layouts 1.1 and Views 1.8 is the ability to build themes based on Toolset plugins. Today, I’ll explain what we offer right now, what we’re building next and what it all means to you. (re)Introducing Embedded Toolset Toolset plugins have two modes now – full plugin and Embedded. The full […]

How to create a news site using WordPress if you are not a PHP developer

Santiago, the capital of Chile. Five million residents but no website that gathers information about all citywide cultural events in a single virtual location and in an easy-to-digest form. Natalia Casado, a photographer and documentarian, notices the opportunity to bridge this gap using WordPress. Having some experience with this CMS, she realizes that building a […]

Views 1.8 and Layouts 1.1 Released

Views 1.8 and Layouts 1.1 pack a number of major updates. They are fully compatible with WordPress 4.2, they include security tightening and allow to develop Toolset-based themes. Today we’ll talk about the first two and I’ll explain all about Toolset-based themes next week in a separate post. Views 1.8 News The major new feature […]

Toolset Update for WordPress 4.2 and Security Tightening

We’ve just updated Types, CRED, Views and Layouts to run with WordPress 4.2, be more secure and more stable. You should upgrade as soon as possible to ensure that you are running the most secure version of Toolset plugins. Besides the support for WordPress 4.2 and security tightening, all Toolset plugins come with a number […]

How to build a Classifieds Site with WordPress – workshops we run for WordPress fans

Many WordPress users find building their own WordPress Classifieds sites to be challenging. Last Saturday at WordCamp Prague, we tried to convince WordPress fans that this task can be accomplished without pain. Amir Helzer started with a presentation entitled “Techniques for Developing Directory and Marketplace Sites with WordPress.” Next, Amir and Dario Jazbec Hrvatin ran […]

First Commercial Release of Layouts and Updates for All Toolset Plugins

After a long development cycle, we are ready with major updates for all Toolset plugins. This release focuses on usability and stability. Layouts 1.0 Layouts is now a commercial product, by its own right. It’s fully integrated with all Toolset plugins, as well as with WPML and it even got its own price (see new […]

We are updating documentation for Views 1.7 and Layouts 1.0

A major update for Types, Views and Layouts is coming next week, which also includes many changes to documentation. We are starting to update the live content right now, so that all documentation will be ready for the release. This means that during the next few days, documentation for Views and Layouts will be a […]