CRED 1.2.6 (beta1) for WordPress 3.9

We’re ready with a beta update of CRED 1.2.6 to WordPress 3.9. This release addresses several older glitches, as well as major WordPress core API changes. WordPress 3.9 came with a number of major API changes and this version of CRED addresses them. Here is the list of changes in CRED 1.2.6b1: Added Compatibility to […]

Views 1.6 with WordPress 3.9 Support and Lots More

WordPress 3.9 was just released and we’re happy to release a beta update for Views. Besides WordPress 3.9 support, Views 1.6 comes with tons of new features! WordPress 3.9 includes a number of ‘under the hood’ changes and Views 1.6 is updated to support them. Since Easter (and Passover) is upon us, we are holding […]

Layouts Cells API Lets you Add Drag-and-Drop to Your Logic

Layouts’ cells API allows theme and plugin authors to build their own logic and make it drag-and-droppable, with Layouts. If you already tried Layouts, you probably noticed that it comes with a collection of cells, covering basic WordPress functionality. The built-in cells let you add texts, media, menus, widgets, post content and grids. All these […]

Toolset Classifieds—What’s New?

Toolset Classifieds is moving forward with new features and better usability. As more developers use TC to build classifieds sites, the product is evolving to meet the real needs of real sites. This month’s upgrades include Ad Package Better manageability for package orders Messaging system Ad Package The Ad Package is a new feature that […]

CRED 1.2.5 with some bugs crushed

We’re happy to release CRED 1.2.5. This time, no big new features, but a nice collection of fixes and improvements. Send notification to the Author CRED can now send notifications to the author of submitted content. This is useful when you want to send updates to the original author. For example, if the status of […]

Views 1.5.1 with a Huge Performance Boost

Views 1.5.1 started as a small maintenance release, with no thrills and nothing major. By pure chance, we discovered a huge potential for performance improvement. After a lot of work on internal caching, Views 1.5.1 delivers up to 400% improvement in your site’s performance. How WordPress caches posts, custom fields and taxonomy WordPress uses an […]