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[Closed] WP Types: [Select child fields to be displayed] -> [Specific fields] not working

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Hi there,

The [Select child fields to be displayed] -> [Specific fields] doesn't work. It should give a list of fields to choose from, but nothing happens.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
-create 1 "parent" custom post type
-create 1 "child" custom post type and set the "parent" as parent
-edit the "parent" custom post type
-go to the "Post Relationship" section at the bottom, click "(Edit Fields)" next to the "child post"
-> a popup window should appear (see screenshot)
-select "Specific fields"
-> nothing happens whereas the list of fields to choose from should appear

Reason why we need this to be fixed ASAP



Forum moderator

Hi maximeC,

It is not a bug, as you mentioned above, you should see the warning message from Types: "Repeating fields should not be used in child posts. Types will update all field values."
Currently I suggest you do not put the Repeating fields into the field table, and edit the child post one by one, and you will be able to fill the fields values.
And I put it into our to-do list as a feature request, our developers will take care of it.


Hi luoy,

Indeed repeatable fields on child items is a limitation, not a bug.
However what I'm referring to ([Select child fields to be displayed] -> [Specific fields] not showing a list of fields) is one. See attached screenshot which I got from below post, it used to work:



Forum moderator

I can not duplicate same problem in my localhost, Please try deactivate other plugins and switch to wordpress default theme, and test again, if the problem still exists, please try duplicate same problem in below test site:
user/pass: xgren/111111

I need a live website to debug this problem, thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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