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CRED – Front-End Content Creation and Editing

Want to build WordPress classifieds sites, directories or anything else that requires user-interaction? CRED is the solution.

CRED forms create and edit any WordPress content type, with custom fields and taxonomy. CRED will build the forms for you, and you design the look using simple HTML and CSS. CRED’s comprehensive API allows you to build complete web apps with WordPress.


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Beyond Ordinary Forms

  • Create and edit posts

    All CRED forms create or edit posts in the database.

  • Seamlessly integrated

    CRED knows the custom fields and taxonomy for every post type.

  • Developer friendly

    Comes with complete access control, API and other features that let you build complete web-apps on WordPress.

Buy and Download

You can buy CRED separately or with the entire Toolset package (and receive also Views and Access).

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CRED Features

CRED Builds Forms for WordPress Content

When you create CRED forms, you start by choosing what content type they are for. You don’t just create a form and glue it to your content. All CRED forms work on the content types that you’ve created.

CRED will automatically setup form inputs for custom fields and taxonomy, which belong to your content type. It knows what each field does and will include the correct kind of input for it. You don’t need to configure anything to make this happen. CRED is fully integrated with Types and Advanced Custom Fields plugins and takes its configuration from the fields setup.

Build Anything from Single Forms to Complete Web-Apps

CRED lets you build advanced web-apps on top of WordPress. No matter if you’re adding a simple showcase to your site and want to let visitors upload samples, or you’re creating a site that looks nothing like WordPress. CRED has everything you need to implement any logic.

CRED comes with a set of API functions and hooks, which let you add your own logic. You can add your own actions when submitting forms, when validating data and when saving to the database. CRED makes it easy to integrate your site with payment systems, send emails and other unique operations that your site needs.

Built-in Access Control

CRED is fully integrated with our Access plugin. You can choose which user kinds, or specific users, can see and submit forms.

Using Types Access, you can easily create advanced display and editing rules without writing a single line of code.

Full Control over Forms HTML

CRED makes it easy to create forms, but gives you all the flexibility to craft the exact HTML that you need.

CRED’s powerful Scaffold produces entire forms in a single click. The Scaffold output will include all the custom fields and taxonomy that belong to the form’s post type. Then, you can edit everything in the form and produce the exact HTML and CSS that you need to display beautiful forms.

Display Forms Easily with PHP or Views

CRED makes it easy to display forms with pure PHP or with Views. You can insert CRED forms into PHP templates using API functions and into content and Content Templates using shortcodes.

CRED forms can go inline with content or in their own pages. You can easily add “edit” links where they’re needed and let specific users edit their content. We built it, but you control what CRED does.