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Access – Control what users can do on your site

Access plugins lets you choose what different users can do in your WordPress site. Grant privileges to entire user roles or to specific users.

  • Assign edit, publish and read access to content
  • Grant capabilities for the WordPress admin
  • Choose what to display when read access is denied

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Access control for your content


With Access, you can easily choose what content different users in your site can edit, publish and read.

You will see all your site’s content, including the standard posts and pages, custom types defined by other plugins, your theme and your PHP code.

You can grant access to entire user roles or to specific users in your site.

Choose what to display when users cannot read content

choose-action-for-no-accessAccess makes it easy to build membership and paid-content sites. You can choose what to display to users who don’t have read access to content.

You can display the standard 404 (not found) page or use a different template in case access is denied.

Access automatically sets the right permissions for you

adjust-access-rules-automaticallyThe WordPress permissions system is tricky, with complex inter-dependencies. Fortunately, Access hides this complexity from you, making your administration work easy.

Access will automatically set and clear required permissions for you, as you set the permissions that you need.

Control read-access to individual pages

access-group-600The Access box appears when you edit any content. You can create access-control content groups and set their read permissions for entire user roles or for individual users.

Create custom roles

create-custom-rolesAccess lets you define your own roles and choose what these roles can do in the WordPress admin. You can change the level of the role, to match its capabilities with built-in WordPress roles, or manually control capabilities.

Fine-grained controls over the WordPress admin

choose-capabilitiesAccess gives you precision control over what users with custom roles can do in the WordPress admin.

You can choose which admin screen your new user roles can reach and what actions they can perform.

Manage access to WPML and WooCommerce admin

access-wpml-woocommerce-integrationAccess integrates smoothly with WPML and WooCommerce. You will see the different capabilities for managing both WPML and WooCommerce admin options, in plain English.

With Access, you can create custom roles that will manage the capabilities of your multilingual and e-commerce sites, easily!

Access Highlights

  • Control access to content

    Which which content types different users can edit, publish and read.

  • Set admin capabilities

    Access lets you control what menus and actions different users can reach.

  • Create custom roles

    Define your custom roles and assign privileges to them.

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You can use Access on as many client sites as you need. Every purchase comes with a full year of free upgrades and support.

Access is part of the Toolset family, allowing you to build complete sites from the WordPress admin.

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