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Types Plugin – Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Custom Fields

Types is the integrated solution for customizing WordPress.

You’ll be able to create custom post types, taxonomy and custom fields – all from within the WordPress GUI.

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  • A wide selection of custom field types, all repeatable
  • Custom post types with parent/child relationships
  • Multilingual-ready with WPML
  • Why Choose Types?

    • Fully integrated

      Types includes everything you need in one package. Custom post types, taxonomy and fields will work perfectly together.

    • Solid and reliable

      Types is part of a family of plugin, powering over 100,000 commercial WordPress sites.

    • Multilingual-ready

      Types is the only plugin for custom post types and fields which is 100% ready for multilingual sites with WPML.

    Need More?

    Types works best with the complete Toolset package. You’ll be able to easily display custom content, control who can access it and build powerful web forms.

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    Types Features

    Customize Editing Screens with Custom Fields

    Types provides you with a wide variety of custom fields, including check-boxes, text areas, visual editors, images, drop-downs and many more.

    With these fields, you can customize the way different edit screens look for different content types.

    Types custom fields can also validate user-input. They check that the input is correctly added and correctly formatted. This means that when you use that data in your templates you know that the display will be flawless.

    Types supports simple repeating fields, and complex data structures using inline child-data editing.

    Learn more about managing custom fields.

    Create WordPress Custom Post Types

    Enter the name of the new content type, click on Save and it’s ready to use.

    Besides this very basic and quick setup, Types also gives you access to all the advanced settings and functionality of custom post types and taxonomy.

    Types also lets you define parent / child relationship between different post types. This will allow you to associate between different data types and tie everything together neatly.

    Learn more about creating custom post types and creating custom taxonomies.

    Display Custom Content Easily

    Types makes it easy to insert your custom content. When creating content, authors can click on the T icon and insert any field into the content.

    To display custom fields in themes, use Types API and code it in PHP, or use Views to create dynamic templates (and more) without ever touching PHP.

    Handle Existing Content

    If you already have a large number of custom fields that you’re managing manually, you can let Types take control.

    Tell Types what kinds of custom fields you have and they will each get their own fancy meta-boxes in the edit pages.

    This works great with custom fields that you’ve previously created , or that other custom field plugins have managed before.

    Embed Into Your Themes and Plugins

    If you’re building themes and plugins, you can harness the power of Types and give your users a rich experience with WordPress.

    Types has an embedded mode which you can use to include the functionality in your themes and plugins. This means that you can define custom types and customize the editing interface without writing a single line of code.

    The embedded version runs as a theme function, not as a plugin. It doesn’t require any activation. Also, because it doesn’t include the Types GUI, it is much smaller than the full plugin version. Your users will still be able to customize things themselves if they download the Types plugin.