Customize WordPress using post types, fields, and taxonomy

Types defines custom content in WordPress. Easily create custom post types, fields and taxonomy and connect everything together.

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Define your own content types

When you need more than just pages and posts, Types is the answer. Types lets you create your own data types, rich with custom fields and organized by your categories.



The most powerful image fields you’ll ever meet

Types makes working with images a pleasure. Types lets you resize and crop images, to fit into the correct space. Upload images of different sizes and Types adapts them to the right dimensions.

Types uses an advanced image cache and works with your CDN, so that custom image sizes are super-fast to display.

Connect between different post types

Types lets you define parent/child relationships between different post types.

Types post relationship begins by connecting children to parents and continues where you edit child data directly on parent pages.


Complete API for PHP integration

Types comes with a complete and simple API, which lets you display fields with their native data types. A single line of PHP displays even the most complex fields.



Build entire sites without a single line of code, using Views

When you use Types and Views together, you can build complete websites, rich with custom types and fields, without writing a single line of PHP. Insert fields from Types GUI, into templates and Views displays them.

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Types is the free component of Toolset.
You can just download Types, for free, or buy the entire Toolset package and get the complete functionality

You can build unlimited sites for all your clients.

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