Views – Display WordPress Content without Coding

Need to develop custom functionality for your WordPress sites? You can build it with Views, from within the WordPress admin, without writing any PHP.

Using Views, you’ll be able to develop sites faster and easier. Create impressive functionality in minutes and go from concept to final site in hours.

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Works with WordPress 3.4-4.0 and any theme

Start using Views to add custom functionality to your sites

Did you ever find a theme that looks great, but is missing something critical? Views lets you build it yourself, quickly and easily. No matter what theme you are using, you can add any functionality with Views.

You can use custom post types, custom fields and taxonomy to add the functionality to the WordPress backend. Then, display custom content, any way you choose, with Views and no coding at all.

Build entire sites with Views

When you need to build complex sites that don’t quite fit into a standard theme, Views is the solution.

Views lets you design unique layouts and functionality for the homepage, create custom content lists and build page templates. You will build entire sites, with your own look and functionality, right from within the WordPress admin, without writing any code.

You can use any theme for the typography and styling and build your own custom functionality with Views.

Six Reasons Why We Think You Will Love Views

  • No PHP coding

    1. Views lets you build sites without coding

    With Views, you can do in minutes what may take days or weeks to code in PHP. You can build anything from a small block to an entire site, from the WordPress admin, with no coding.

  • Themes

    2. Views works with any theme

    Views lets you create the functionality, but doesn’t limit your choice of theme. Select themes by their looks and build the exact functionality that you need with Views.

  • Reuse your code

    3. Views lets you reuse your work

    Once you build a block with Views, you can easily export it and reuse in your different websites. Create your library of modules and use it to build sites even faster.

  • Quick updates

    4. Views lets you update client sites quickly

    Since you build everything from the WordPress admin, you can make any change without FTP. Log in, edit Views and you’re done.

  • Prototyping

    5. Views lets you prototype and deliver early

    Would you like to impress clients with fully functional prototypes the same day? With Views, you’ll connect functions like Legos and demo complex sites quickly. When your client is happy, apply styling and go live.

  • WPML compatibility

    6. Views lets you build fully multilingual sites

    Views and all Toolset plugins, come from OnTheGoSystems, the same company that builds WPML. Anything you build with Views is multilingual-ready by definition.