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Views plugin lets you display any WordPress content, any way you choose. No matter what your technical level is, Views will help you get more work done, faster.

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Choose content from the database

Loading the right content can be a lot more than a single line of PHP. Views lets you implement the most complex content queries, in the simplest ways.


Fine-tune content queries to load the exact results based on custom fields, taxonomy, relationship or text.


Break large content into pages and allow visits to move from one to the other.

Parametric search

Build interactive searches, which let visitors pinpoint the exact content they are looking for.
views pagination

Relational data

Combine parent and child information, for truely relationship database architectures.

Style the output anyway you want it

Views makes it easy to display your content, any way you choose. If you know HTML and CSS, you’ll love Views.

Any layout

Views comes with predefined content layouts styles and also lets you craft your own.


Allow visitors to sort tables by any column.


Update only the relevant sections in the page, for faster page loads and better user experience.

Shortcode in templates

Creating templates in Views is like writing content in WordPress. You don’t need to memorize field names and attributes.

Nested templates

Views makes it easy to break complex layouts into simple elements.

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