The WordPress Plugins That Let You Build Extraordinary Sites Based on Custom Post Types and Custom Fields Without Writing PHP

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Works with WordPress 3.4–4.9.4
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Developing Custom Sites with Toolset

Toolset gives you the flexibility of custom development, with the convenience of drag-and-drop and modular design. With Toolset plugins, you’re not limited to the features of a theme or a dedicated plugin. You will be able to build advanced custom functionality, quickly and easily, without programming.

Toolset has everything you need to build custom listing, directory, membership and e-commerce sites yourself.

Set-up Custom Types, Fields and Taxonomy

Toolset lets enrich WordPress with custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomy. With Toolset, you’ll easily add custom types to the admin, as well as display them on the site’s front-end.

Design Templates and Lists for Custom Content

Use Toolset’s drag-and-drop editor to quickly design responsive templates for your custom types. Create custom lists of content and display them anywhere in the site, without a single line of PHP.

Build Your Own Custom Searches

Listing and directory sites rely on custom search. With Toolset, you can easily build custom searches for any custom post type. Toolset searches will include any field that you need, with your design.

Design Custom Templates and Lists for WooCommerce Products

With Toolset, you can create fully custom WooCommerce sites, without writing PHP. Add fields to products in the backend and design the front-end without any programming. Toolset lets you design custom product listings, your own product searches, templates for single-product and more.

Create Custom Directory and Classifieds Sites

Toolset lets you build directory and classifieds sites for anything you can imagine. You can easily display listings on a Google Map, create custom searches for listings, charge payments, send automated notification emails and create custom user-accounts.

Build Members-Only Sections

Toolset has everything you’ll need to build fully-custom membership sites. You can offer front-end registration forms (and charge payments for registration), limit parts of the site to members only, create user accounts and allow members to manage their items.


Maintaining and Supporting Toolset-Based Sites

Your work doesn’t really end when you’re done building a site, right? You need to provide updates and maintenance for years. Toolset-based sites are a lot easier to maintain. We provide timely updates to ensure stability, security and compatibility with WordPress, themes and other plugins.

Automatic Updates Ahead of WordPress Releases

We develop Toolset always against the development versions of WordPress. By the time a new WordPress release comes out, we’re always ready with updates for Toolset.

Security, Performance and Stability are Built-In

When you write custom code, you need to run full testing, optimize performance and be careful about security. With Toolset, you can focus only on the functionality, leaving these worries to us.

What’s Included in Toolset

When you buy Toolset, you get access to all of Toolset components. You also get access to Toolset reference sites, which are a great starting point for your client projects.

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Toolset works with any WordPress theme.

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