Types 0.9.3 is out. This release can import your existing settings from Custom Post UI and Advanced Custom Fields. It also streamlines the post-edit screens and fixes a bunch of bugs.

The most important feature for this release is the ability to import from other plugins.

If you have existing sites that use Custom Post UI, for defining custom post types, or Advanced Custom Fields, for custom fields, you can now seamlessly migrate the to Types.

Go to Types->Migration (which is only available if one of the above plugins is also enabled).

You’ll see a summary of what’s available for migration.

Migrating settings from Advanced Custom Field plugin

What happens after you migrate?

If you’re migrating custom post type settings from Custom Post UI, plugin will deactivate it immediately after the migration. This way, you don’t get the same types and taxonomy defined twice (which will cause errors).

When you migrate from Advanced Custom Fields, the plugin remains active. You may need to do some small touch-ups, like tell Types where to display the newly imported meta boxes. When you’re done, you should manually deactivate Advanced Custom Fields.

Each of these plugins stores its settings in a different place in the database, so this migration process doesn’t alter the original settings of the other plugins. You can experiment with Types and if you’re not happy with it, you can always go back to the other plugin.

Other improvements and Bug fixes

Types 0.9.3 includes other features which you may like.

We’ve streamlined the post-edit screens and removed some stuff which is pretty useless and just took up valuable screen space.

We also improved functionality with WPML, highlighting custom fields which WPML will synchronize between languages and warn when WPML’s settings override Types settings.

And, no version is truly complete without crushing a few bugs. Types 0.9.3 fixes several compatibility issues with different servers and other plugins and makes the custom field editing screen way way faster (due to some SQL optimization work).


You can get the current version of Types either from your wp-types.com account or from the Types page.

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You can download it from Types page.

How is it working for you?

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