Toolset plugins are working fine with WordPress 4.8. This release of WordPress doesn’t modify any API, so there’s no need for a new Toolset release for it.

As always, before you update your sites, we recommend doing a full backup. For our sites, we back-up everything, test on a staging server and then update the production server.

If you need help, pop a question in our support forum.

Coming Soon to Toolset

We’re working on a number of projects right now. Some will be ready very soon and some in a few months.

  • “No worries” setup for popular themes – We’ve been doing extensive testing between Toolset and a number of themes. Generally, it all works, but there are little gotchas like pagination appearing twice (from the theme and from Views), featured images showing when you don’t need them, etc.
    We’re working through these to make sure that you can use Toolset with these themes without having to struggle with anything.
  • New features for Toolset Maps – This will include geo-filtering, showing where the current user is and more.
  • Our many-to-many project – The project is actually coming along great. The first public release, which we’re aiming to happen in about a month, will include the full setup in Types,
    including displaying related fields.

Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.