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How to add custom Theme Options to themes you build with Toolset

WordPress allows you to add custom Theme Options to your themes, which users can then set using the native Customize interface. The process for adding these options to Toolset-based themes is the same and here, we explain how to do this. Custom Theme Options on the WordPress Customize page This tutorial provides information on how […]

Toolset on Facebook – Why and for Who

For me, social networks are not a very natural thing. I created my FB account maybe 4 years ago and still barely use it. I got my first cellphone just a year earlier. Maybe this is why our Facebook page looks more like an afterthought than something well managed. However, I’m seeing nice activity led […]

Toolset-Based Themes Released and Available in All Toolset Accounts

After 1/2 year of development, testing and documentation, we’re proud to release the new Toolset-based themes. Toolset-based themes make it possible to build advanced WordPress themes, without writing PHP. They feature a complete demo-content, packaging and distribution system, which will make it easy to launch a successful theme business without becoming expert developers. Build feature-rich […]

Views 2.3.1 with Improved Front-end Sorting Controls and WooCommerce Templates for Theme Integrations

In Views 2.3, we introduced front-end sorting, which allow visitors to control the sorting criteria and direction of your Views. In this release, we’ve improved the front-end sorting, to allow setting defaults and to give you fine-grained control over labels. The update for all the theme integrations offers full support for WooCommerce. Out-of-the box, the […]

Layouts 1.9 and Views 2.3 Released

This update aims to change the way you build sites with Toolset. We’re aiming for one workflow, no matter what theme you’re using or what you’re developing. The new features in Layouts and Views are all intended for this purpose. The new Start-with-Layouts Development Workflow Toolset evolved. We started with Types and Views. Then we […]