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Request a support video call

you know how a “picture is worth a thousand words” ? well imagine how many words in a video call 🙂 Sometimes you really need to show us your side of the screen, and explain with words what is going on, we know that, and that is why we have added a way for our clients to ask for a […]

See how Divi 3 Works with Toolset

Divi 3 was just released and we took it for a spin with Layouts. Bottom line, it’ working smoothly. Our Divi-Toolset integration lets you use all of Toolset plugins together with Divi theme and builder. You can design the “wireframes” of the entire site using Toolset plugin, then design the individual content of each page […]

Toolset and Page Builders – Now and Coming Soon

In the last releases of Toolset, we’ve been adding support for page builders. We see a lot of questions about what we’re planning next. I’m writing this post to explain our roadmap and help you plan your Toolset-based projects. Visual Composer and Beaver Builder Integration Today, you can design Content Templates using both Visual Composer […]

How Post Relationship Replaces Post Reference and Repeating Fields

The next major feature for Toolset is “many to many relationship”. In this post, I want to introduce what’s planned and show what you can achieve with it. What one-to-many and many-to-many relationships are One-to-many means that one object “has” many other objects, or that many objects “belong” to one object. For example, a “project” […]

Toolset 2.2 Adds Beaver Builder Integration, Relevanssi Integration, New Layouts Cells, Permission-based Access Control, and more

This major release of Toolset plugins comes packed with new features, allowing you to further enhance and simplify the way you build powerful sites. Beaver Builder integration allows you to create templates for whole post types using the much-praised drag-and-drop interface. Views is now integrated with Relevanssi search plugin allowing you to search custom fields […]

Using ManageWP To Update Toolset On All Your Client Sites

Are you building many Toolset-based sites for your clients? Need help managing updates for WordPress, plugins, and themes? We recently reviewed how ManageWP works with Toolset and we are very happy to report that it is fully compatible. This means that you can use ManageWP for sites with Toolset and manage your client sites centrally. […]

Summary of Survey About Layouts Plugin

Yesterday we ran a short survey about Layouts plugin and we got interesting results. These will influence our development roadmap, so I’m sharing it with everyone. Q: How are you finding Layouts so far? 17% of the respondents said that it’s “clear and straight forward”. 65% said that “it takes a while getting used to”. […]