Choose the Toolset account that’s right for you. You can get Types for free or the entire Toolset package. Types allows you to customize the WordPress admin. The complete Toolset package lets you build entire sites, without programming.

Free Economic Most popular
TypesCustom post types and fields StarterThe complete WordPress development package for one site AgencyThe complete WordPress development package for unlimited site
Feature Get Now for Free $69 (USD) – Buy Now $149 (USD) – Buy Now
Create custom post types and taxonomy  tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Create custom fields for posts and users  tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Connect between different types as parents/children  tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Google Maps fields tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Drag-and-Drop layouts design tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Templates with custom fields tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Content lists tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Custom searches tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Paginated lists tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Infinite scrolling tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Display anything on Google Maps tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Front-end content submission and update forms tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Front-end user registration forms tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Charge payment with front-end forms tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Set up custom user roles tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Control access for users and roles tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Read-control for front-end content tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Export design blocks and reuse tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Embedded Mode for redistribution of Toolset-based designs tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Ready to use reference designs tolset-ico-yes tolset-ico-yes
Websites Unlimited One Unlimited
Free updates Lifetime One year One year
Support Community Support One year One year
Account renewal per year No renewal needed $34.5 $74.5
Get Now for Free $69 (USD) – Buy Now $149 (USD) – Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade from Types to the full Toolset package?

Yes, you can upgrade from a smaller package to the full Toolset package. When you upgrade, you only need to pay the difference between what you bought already and the complete package. You can upgrade to a yearly or lifetime account.

On how many sites can I use Toolset?

You can use Toolset plugins on all your sites and all sites that you build for your clients. You will need to register all these sites to receive automatic updates, but we don’t limit you to the number of sites.

If I’m not happy with Toolset, will I get my money back?

We offer full refunds for Toolset for up to 30 days. If you are not completely happy, tell us and we will refund your order and return 100% of the payment.

Can I upgrade from the yearly account to a Lifetime account?

Yes, you can buy the yearly account now and upgrade to a Lifetime account later. When you do that, we only ask for the difference in cost.

If I buy a yearly account, what happens after a year?

You can renew your yearly Toolset account for additional years or upgrade to a Lifetime account. Renewals are available before your account expires and cost 50% of the original purchase price. When you renew, you receive downloads and support for another year. Upgrades to Lifetime cost the difference between a Lifetime account and a yearly account. If you upgrade to Lifetime, you get downloads and support for life.

Do I get a tax invoice?

Certainly. Immediately after your order, you will be able to customize your payment information, include your company details and get a printable tax invoice.

What is your support policy?

We want you to be successful with Toolset and we will do our best to help you achieve your goals. Our supporters know Toolset plugins inside and out and are also experts in how to do things with our plugins. They can help with ‘how to’ questions, advice on best practices and troubleshooting. If you need custom development, you can find great freelancers among our Toolset Consultants.

Are Toolset plugins compatible with my theme?

Toolset plugins are designed to run with any WordPress theme. The only Toolset component that has any theme requirements is Layouts. Layouts runs only on Bootstrap-based themes. All other Toolset components run smoothly on any WordPress theme.

What versions of WordPress are Toolset plugins compatible with?

Toolset plugins are always compatible with all WordPress versions between the current one and several versions back. We test and QA all Toolset plugins as soon as the first new beta versions of WordPress are available. We release updates before new WordPress versions are released (during the WordPress release candidate cycle).

Still have questions? Ask us