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Developing real estate sites with Toolset

Developing real estate sites with Toolset just got a lot easier. We are proud to announce the addition of a fully-featured real estate site to the collection of Toolset Reference Sites. Toolset Real Estate Reference Site is our response to your needs. It includes what realtors need in order to sell their properties. You can […]

Four things you didn’t know about Toolset Reference Sites

You probably know that Toolset Reference Sites are like WordPress themes, which give you infinite customization ability. But do you know that you can use them as the starting point for your own or your client projects? Here we summarize four important things you should know about Toolset Reference Sites: #1 – You have 6 […]

How to build WordPress sites that don’t break on updates

You built a WordPress site for a client. It works great. You deliver it and the client is happy. High fives for everyone. A few months pass with no issues. Then, out of the blue, the client emails you, saying that he didn’t do anything and the site is broken. Obviously, this catches you at […]

New Toolset Course – Developing Custom WooCommerce Sites

Customizing your WooCommerce site with PHP can be a real challenge. With Toolset it’s a piece of cake. A new WooCommerce Views training course will help you learn how to develop custom WooCommerce sites using Views and no PHP. You will learn: How to add custom fields and custom taxonomies to your product How to […]