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We specialise in Types, Views and CRED.  Whether you need to implement a complex, data-centric site for your business; some support with a client installation; or just a few hours mentoring, then we can help.  


What is the best approach for your project, when there are so many options to choose from?  

Creating a roadmap for your project

Toolset gives you a lot of flexibility to implement your projects. You probably know exactly what you want, but perhaps not how it can be executed most effectively.


  • Help you plan a clear path through your project.
  • Avoid any pitfalls or dead-ends that you might run into.
  • De-risk your project so that you know up front the time and costs involved.
  • Document the structure, approach and tool choice for your project
  • Transparent pricing and constant progress updates


Often, with just a few hours investment, you can change what might look a bit of a monster into a clearly defined set of components and deliverables.

Experience and a library of pre-built components

We have built up a set of design patterns for many types of implementations.  We have proven approaches that we can use nearly off the shelf.


  • Re-using code means a quick and error free implementation.
  • We’ve probably seen your scenario already and we may well have built one.
  • We use a vanilla responsive Bootstrap based theme and normally build from scratch, but we can adapt to any theme of your choice.

WordPress Stability and Front-end enhancements

One of dangers of WordPress is too many plugins.  It can be very tempting to add a plugins to your site to add the bells and whistles your end client is expecting.

We tend to use Views in conjunction with jQuery and latest front-end techniques to reduce the plugin complexity on your site and give you full control over your site and your site’s appearance.


  • Mobile first
  • Core set of plugins
  • Standards compliant
  • Human readable code (we try not to be too clever!)
  • Optimised for SEO from the ground up
  • Reduced plugins dependency
  • Full documentation – in code and out.



If you want us to build, and you to implement and learn as we go forward – then that’s great.  If you just want a few hours to run through your approach, or a full mission critical site, then we’re happy to take it on.

Visit wp-sine.com to find out more about what we do, and checkout our portfolio of previous implementations.


The team


Simon’s been playing with web CMS for years and exclusively WordPress for the last four or five. He completed a eight month stint at onTheGoSystems (2013-2014), living and breathing Toolset, WPML and WooCommerce. He’s more a front-end developer than a pure coder, but is happy working with WordPress php, jQuery and javascript. A big fan of best practices, and for ever grateful that IE6 is just an unpleasant memory rather than something we need to code for.

Umberto ‘does’ photoshop and CSS – he’ll make your site look great. He’s also been developing in WordPress with Types and Views for several years. He loves design and usability, good code and responsive design.

Tips for working with consultants

OnTheGoSystems is not affiliated with the consultants listed here. We maintain a database of consultants, to help fill the need of people needing help, with those who can provide it.

All negotiation and project management is done directly between you and the consultants.

Before approaching consultants, we suggest that you prepare a document, which explains what you need, how you want it done, your schedule and budget. Writing down this basic information will greatly help you locate the best consultant and get the results that you need. Both you and the consultant you choose will benefit from having a clear project description.