Custom Types Ready Toolset

Toolset’s Beyond Pages program helps theme authors make their themes fully compatible with custom content. With only tiny effort on your side, you can allow your clients to conveniently design templates and archives for their custom post types.


Do you see these questions in your support?

How do I disable the sidebars for my CPT archive?
How do I use a different layout for all items belonging to a custom type?
How do I design custom templates?

Toolset’s Beyond Pages program will give you a complete and elegant answer to these issues. You will need to add a small JSON configuration file, which tells Toolset about your theme. Toolset will use this information and allow users to control your theme’s settings for different custom types.

Toolset compatibility means less work and more sales

WordPress users are looking for more advanced ways to create their websites. They want to be able to create structured content, they need to allow some of their users to add content from the front-end, have complex searches and be able to show addresses on maps by querying the content. All of these features, and much more, are becoming popular but they are costly to develop and support.

With a Toolset-compatible theme, you can provide your clients with very advanced features at hardly any effort.

It is a win-win-win situation. You get more sales, Toolset sells more, and we all spend less time on support. Most importantly, clients receive better products and are happier.

We promote Custom Types Ready themes and plugins

Once your code is Custom Types Ready and Toolset compatible, we announce it to all Toolset clients on our social media channels. We also add it to the list of “Custom Types ready” themes and plugins. We will ask you to do the same so our clients know that your theme or plugin is compatible with Toolset. When we notice the need for it, we will also write a short tutorial about your theme or plugin.

Who Beyond Pages program is intended for

The Beyond Pages program is intended for:

  • Original theme or plugin authors.
  • Public themes or plugins are also welcome. Anything that you distribute, and is not “work-for-hire”, can be submitted to the Beyond Pages program.

Note: This is a program for theme and plugin authors. If you need help with a specific website or with a theme that you are using (or both), please visit our technical support forum.

How do I get started?

Start by using the form below to apply. We ask you to provide us with the necessary information for testing.

We will contact you and ask for your theme or plugin files. Then, we will create a demo site for you, with your theme or plugin installed. We will ask you to populate this demo site with test contents. Our team will then test this installation with Toolset and provide you with feedback about what should be fixed in your code to make your theme or plugin Custom Types Ready.