Toolset training course

In these courses you will learn how to build websites using Toolset plugins. You will learn the basics of displaying custom content on the front-end, as well as a few advanced topics.

The tutorials run on a free Toolset training site, at discover-WP, the official Toolset training system. You will get a private WordPress site, with all required plugins installed and sample data included.

There are two training courses for Toolset. Each training course runs on a separate site on Discover-WP. The first course teaches how to set up and display custom content. The second course dives into front-end content submission, which you need for classifieds, directory and membership sites.

Setting Up and Displaying Custom Content

First, you should create your free Toolset Training Site for Setting Up and Displaying Custom Content.

Then, go through these tutorial steps:

Toolset Training Site

Front-end Content Submission and Editing

CRED training courseThe CRED training will teach you how to build sites that rely on front-end content submission and editing. You will learn how to build forms for front-end content submission and editing, how to create use account pages and more.