Custom taxonomy archive are an efficient way of grouping custom post topics in WordPress. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create your own custom taxonomy archives.

Introduction to Custom Taxonomy Archives

Custom Taxonomy Archives list your custom content in the defined taxonomy. The taxonomy used in grouping your content topics can either be a category or a tag.

For example, say you have an invoice content post type that contains information regarding different employees in your company. You might want to group these invoices. One invoice belongs to a regular employee, while the other invoice would belong to a contractor.

Creating custom taxonomies can be easily done using Types plugin.

Grouping topics with taxonomy

You can see that there are two taxonomies added for the “invoices” post type: ’employee’ and ‘contractor’. The next step is to now assign a taxonomy to your custom post types. This is done by editing the post.

Here, let’s assign ‘Permanent’ to some invoices under the regular “employees” taxonomy.

Employee taxonomy

And assign ‘Temporary’ for “contractors” taxonomy.

Contractor taxonomy

The resulting custom taxonomy archive URL will look like this:

Customizing the custom taxonomy archives

Now that you know what taxonomy archives are, it’s time to create them for your site.

Go to Toolset->WordPress Archives and click on Add new WordPress Archive. Then, choose that this archive is for the custom taxonomy that you’ve created.


Now, proceed with the instructions for using WordPress Archives.