Toolset Types plugin lets you easily add custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomy to WordPress sites.

With Types, you can create editors that look like this:

Custom taxonomy (flat)
Custom taxonomy (hierarchical)
Custom fields

1. After you install Types, go to Toolset->Dashboard from the admin menu.

Toolset Dashboard, right after installing Types
Toolset Dashboard, right after installing Types

Click on Add new post type to create your first custom post type.

2. Then, return to the dashboard to add custom fields and taxonomy to it.

Toolset Dashboard, after adding one custom post type

Click on Create field group to add custom fields and on Create taxonomy to add custom taxonomy.

Displaying Content on the Site’s Front-end

Types plugin lets you add custom post types, fields and taxonomy to the WordPress admin. You surely want to display them on the site’s front-end too.

If you’re comfortable with PHP, you can create your own templates using Types API.

If you don’t want to spend time coding everything in PHP, we invite you to try the full Toolset package. There’s a complete getting started with Toolset guide, which will show teach you how to display content on the front-end, without writing any PHP.

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