There are many solutions on how to migrate data between two WordPress installations. However, what if you want to transfer only the structures (Custom Post Types, Post Fields and Custom Taxonomies) that you have created using the Types plugin?

Types offers a built-in import/export functionality and in this guide, we will go through this process.

The following steps work only for Types structures. If you are interested in how to import content, there is a related tutorial that covers this topic.

Exporting Structures

The result of this process will be a file containing the Types information. You can use this feature either to backup your existing structures or to replicate the functionality of a website to another.

To export your structures, go to Toolset->Export / Import and click the Export button. This will produce a ZIP file, which contains, among others, an XML file. All the structure information is contained in this XML file.

Importing Structures

There are two ways to make use of the import feature. You can upload the Types file (either the ZIP or the XML file) in the related section of the Import/Export screen or you can paste the contents of the XML file in the text area. Both will produce the same result, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

The next step will be a screen with import settings. There are general settings that are common in all cases, and also the specific settings that depend on the imported structures. From this screen, you can select individual elements to include or exclude and set the behavior for the existing structures of the website.

Once the importer completes, you will get some related notifications about the structure elements that were successfully imported.

Want to Try it Yourself?

Download this sample file, import it from Toolset->Export / Import and see it in action.