Toolset Reference Sites are like WordPress themes  – fully working designs created with Toolset plugins. They let you build sites in the fastest and most flexible way possible. You can use them as the starting point for your projects. Simply download a reference site, customize it and deliver to your client!

How to get started?


Steps to follow

We recommend installing the reference sites over a fast Internet connection, ideally 5 Mbps or faster. The faster the Internet connection, the better. Lower internet connection will still work but you could run into issues with importing timeouts.
  1. Create a blank site in your local WordPress install. This should be a fresh WordPress installation without any activated plugins. Tip: Use Framework Installer’s Reset feature to easily create a blank site without manually clearing the database. You can do this on the Toolset -> Settings page, under the Reset Demo Site tab, or on the Manage site -> Reset demo site page. Warning: The site Reset feature clears the database. If the database content is important, please make a backup before proceeding with the reset.
  2. Install all the necessary Toolset plugins and Framework Installer – do not activate any plugins yet.
    • You can download the latest versions of the plugins from the Downloads section of your Toolset account.
    • The full list of available reference sites and required plugins is available on the Reference Sites tab of the Downloads section.
  3. Download the Framework installer plugin from the bottom of the Reference Sites tab.
  4. Install and activate the Framework Installer plugin on your site.
  5. Choose a reference site that you want to install.
  6. Framework Installer will begin the installation.
  7. When it’s finished, switch to the site’s front-end. Your site, which is an exact copy of the reference site, is up and running.

Please remember All the images used in the reference sites are temporary placeholders and should be replaced by your own graphics.

There are reference sites for magazines, companies, classifieds, real estate, e-commerce and more so you don’t have to start your project from scratch. Sounds interesting? Why not give them a spin?

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