[Resolved] AJAX bug on cred_save_data function for multiple

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Beda helped me working out a solution to replace post's publication date when it's been edited in the cred form here : https://wp-types.com/forums/topic/update-post-published-date-from-a-custom-date-field/#post-507723

I then tried to also apply this function to 3 other forms, and modified it like this :

// Remplacer la date de publication du post lors de la saisie dans le cred form
add_action('cred_save_data', 'always_prefix_data_action',10,2);
function always_prefix_data_action($post_id, $form_data)
    // if a specific form
    if ($form_data['id']==1754 || 2361 || 2405 || 2429) 
        //get post field value. This returns a TimeStamp if this is a Types Date Field
        $timestamp = get_post_meta($post_id, 'wpcf-date-de-la-depeche', true);
        $custom_date = gmdate("Y-m-d g:i:s", $timestamp);//convert timestamp to something like 2017-03-09 10:32:01 (Y/m/d g:i:s) for output and storage in the Database.
        // Update post post_date (publication date) with this date
        // Create $post_id object
        $my_post = array(
                'ID'           => $post_id,
                'post_date'    => $custom_date,
        // Update the post into the database
        wp_update_post( $my_post );

But now I noticed it's causing an AJAX bug as described here https://wp-types.com/forums/topic/ajax-error-when-submitting-form/, where Noman noticed the bug is solved when the function is limited to only one form. So I understand the bug comes from this part of the code :

    // if a specific form
    if ($form_data['id']==1754 || 2361 || 2405 || 2429) 

Thank you.


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Hi Roman,

Thank you for contacting our support forum.

Could you try using an If statement like this.

if ($form_data['id']==1754 || $form_data['id']==2361 || $form_data['id']==2405 || $form_data['id']==2429)



Thank you very much ! Just perfect.

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