[Resolved] Cred Form 'Add New' category field not showing on Taxonomy filtered Views

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I have a filtered query radio search with Views on Taxonomy (Folder) which lists custom category posts (File) when a user selects a radio button. On the same page, I have a cred form which shows up in a bootstrap modal to add both a new File or new Folder. Everything works fine before a user chooses a radio option (unfiltered- show all).

The problem comes when a query is triggered. The 'Add New' category/folder is missing from the CRED post form when a query is triggered. The screenshot will show this, take note of the URL on both screenshots for filtered/unfiltered query.

Whilst browsing the support forum, someone seem to have posted the same issue last year.


But the last post from support team said it was only still in 'discussion stage' as of August 26, 2016. Any development on this bugfix since it's almost a year?

Appreciate ANY workaround or resolution for my case. Thanks!


Luo Yang
Forum moderator

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Dear Adi,

About the thread you mentioned above:
Our developers are working on it, but there isn't any fix for it, see errata:

Currently, I suggest you try one of below options:
1) disable the Views Ajax filters feature,
2) put the CRED form into another page which display one one CRED form, in the Views result, display "edit" link to the page


I see. I've resorted to use other form plugin because using AJAX is a requirement. Thanks anyway, hope that this is fixed soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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