[Resolved] Is it possible to get rid of wp-types by exporting a php plugin ?

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Hi team!

Be sure, your plugin is great!

Nevertheless, for a project, I no longer use the capabilities of wp-types, the client never changes fields or custom types ..

Since wp-types is a bit heavy to load, I was wondering if it was possible, or if you had one day created something, or found it through the community, a script that would export all custom post type and custom fields / group created in wp-types in a regular plugin in php in order to uninstall wp-types ?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Wilhem,

Thank you for contacting Toolset support. I am afraid we don’t have any such script. What you can try is this:

=== Please backup your database and website first ===

1. Deactivate Types >> and re-register your Custom Post type with same “slug” using native WP method:
http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-create-custom-post-types-in-wordpress/ (section: Creating a Custom Post Type Manually).

This way it will bring back all posts for that CPT.

2. Reactivate Types again.
3. Go to Toolset >> click Post Field Control button >> for all the Custom Fields that you want to keep without Types >> click “Stop managing with Types” for all those fields (screenshot attached).
4. Now you can deactivate & delete Types plugin.

This way you will have your CPT posts and Custom Fields without Types. Please note this is experimental workaround that I think can help. And you will loose Types UI or Interface which makes design looks different at the backend.

Thank you


Hi Noman,

Thank you for your quick reply, I'll try soon and keep you in touch.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

You are not logged in. You can view support threads, but not post.
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