[Resolved] The ID for an image is displaying, not the image

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I am trying to: Create a view that displays an image

<h3>[wpv-post-field name="instructor_name"]</h3>
[wpv-post-field name="instructor_photo"]</br>
[wpv-post-field name="instructor_bio"]

I expected to see: The "instructor name", the "instructor photo", and the "instructor bio"

Instead, I got: An image ID instead of the image.

Note: I used Advanced Custom Fields to make the image field.


Christian Cox
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Hi, there's not a straightforward way to get an image from ACF fields using Types, because there's not a simple way to get an image field's URL from ACF. ACF stores the attachment ID instead of a URL to the image, so extra custom code to turn the attachment ID into an attachment URL. Here are some references for you:
1) wp_get_attachment_image
Get an HTML img element representing an image attachment

2) add shortcode
Adds a hook for a shortcode tag.

Otherwise, it's probably best to consult their support forums to see if there's a simple shortcode you can use to access the field. I'm not the best source of information about their fields, but quick search led me to this forum post:


I'm now using the ACF image shortcode and it works fine. Thank you for going above and beyond, Christian!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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