Toolset Reference sites

Toolset Reference Sites are fully working designs, which you can use as the starting point for client projects. Download a reference site, customize anything that you need using Toolset, replace our sample content and deliver to your clients.

Available sites

Toolset Travel Destinations

Listings theme with custom search, front-end content submission, and Google Maps integration.

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  • Slider with search
  • Custom archive
  • Front-end submission
  • Front-end editing
  • Template for single tour

Toolset Classifieds

Flexible classifieds framework with optional paid content, advanced searches and front-end ads submission.

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  • Parametric ad search
  • Flexible ad grids
  • Front-end ad submission
  • Featured ads
  • Optional paid ads
  • Customizable ad details

Toolset WooCommerce

WooCommerce theme with an incredible custom search to filter your products and easy custom fields editing.

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  • Custom search
  • Tabbed product info
  • Product comparison
  • Product grid
  • Product slider
  • Custom product template

Toolset Real estate

Scalable theme with Google Maps integration, parametric search, sliders designed for easy customization.

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  • Sliders & featured properties
  • Google Maps integration
  • Estate search & filters
  • Front-end estate submission
  • Agents listing
  • Flexible single estate page

Toolset Magazine

Classic magazine site which can be launched and customized in minutes.

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  • Theme customizer
  • Easy customization
  • Post slider

Toolset Company site

Simple site with exemplary content to start your project with.

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  • Flexible front page
  • Services page
  • Easy to customize

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