Tanngofolly is a membership network for the Argentine Tango community around the world. Members can post stories and events, create their own pages, message each other, like and follow events, comment, and review, list stuff for sale in the Marketplace and find accommodation for events in Travelbug. There are fun activities too, such as the annual SHOOT! Photography competition.

I designed Tangofolly using the Toolset plugins – Types, Views, CRED and Access. Except for a few other necessary plugins such as SEO and Security software, Tangofolly pages are almost 100% filled with user-generated, managed by Views, content.

When I first started, I didn’t know much about Toolset. The support team has been, are, excellent and without their patient and discerning assistance now and then, I am certain I would not have achieved all that you see to date.

Equally, the online user manuals, documentation, blogs and community forums have been my bible for the whole project. Without these, I am pretty sure the support team would have blocked me from messaging them by now!

Indeed, the more I learn how to make the best use of Toolset, and the more Toolset improves with each update, the better Tangofolly becomes.